Problems with the L2 cache on my new PC Chips M919

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Re: Problems with the L2 cache on my new PC Chips M919

Postby Eleanor1967 » 2017-12-02 @ 01:16

BeginnerGuy wrote:Wish I could offer some help. The board and contacts on both the slot and coast module look virtually perfect as far as the eye can tell with these pictures. Hopefully it works once it's done drying.

Is this a proprietary type coast module? I used to have a few early Pentium boards that took very similar looking modules of 256-512k. No idea how hard that stuff is to come by these days. If you need to find a module specific to the m919 then man this really sucks =\

I see I can get some HM62H256AJ-15 modules on ebay but they don't come cheap. It could be a faulty memory module, if you're brave enough to spend money and take the old iron to it..

edit: I don't understand why they used the coast module when those chips look like regular dip 28 sram chips, just like every other 486 board would use. I couldn't imagine the big socket and extra pcb saving any money?

amadeus777999 wrote:Sucks, looks like you have to hunt down another module.
Some time ago these could be found on ebay for a good price... I think €19.90 or something.

Well it does not work. I tried again with FPM and EDO RAM and there is just no cache detected in cachechk or speedsys.

And yes the module is proprietary to this motherboard, reason for being is cost saving as pointed out by other users. A decent read on the topic:

Seems like another cache module would be a good thing to test next. Sadly I just cant find anything on eBay.

While I do not have the time nor skill I really would like some new made modules with cache sockets on there. I would surely take 3 or 4 on my own if not to expensive.. (Anybody?? ;) )

When I find the time I the next couple of days, maybe I will try to see if all pins on the module are connected to the motherboard with the multimeter. I just have to find a good spot to where all/most pins connect, because checking all solder points on the back where the slot sits would be soo time consuming.
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