Antec ATX case rails?

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Antec ATX case rails?

Postby tskroz110 » 2017-12-03 @ 19:08


Recently I got an old Antec case for my Windows 98 build, a SLK3700-BQE. I’ve heard great things about the case and it comes with loads of cool features, but I’m after running into an issue. In order to fit a 5.25 inch drive, drive rails are required. But my case never came with them. I was thinking of just buying some new ones from Antec, but I’m not sure they use the same rails anymore, considering its from around 2004. Would anybody be able to point me in the right direction to where I can get the rails for it?
What the bay fittings look like
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Re: Antec ATX case rails?

Postby brostenen » 2017-12-03 @ 20:43

Perhaps these below.... Not shure, yet I remember these as the ones used in Sonata cases (model one to three)
Then again... I remember them as being black.
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Re: Antec ATX case rails?

Postby ODwilly » 2017-12-03 @ 23:26

I think the beige ones "might" work with the Sonata, I know they go to the old sx series cases. I recall the Sonata ones being Purple.
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Re: Antec ATX case rails?

Postby xjas » 2017-12-03 @ 23:32

From the factory extra rails are clipped in behind the drive bay covers - you've tried taking those out & looking at the backs, right?
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