Windows 2000 wireless networking

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Windows 2000 wireless networking

Postby ultimate386 » 2017-12-04 @ 00:39

Hi all. I'm nearly done restoring a Dell Dimension 4600 Pentium 4 system and could use some help setting up wifi under Windows 2000 SP4. I have the system happily dual booting Puppy Linux and Windows 2k SP4. The wireless card is a Linksys WMP54gx4. The driver is no longer available directly from Linksys, but I found a Windows 2k/XP installation package online with a driver dated 11/10/2005. Running the setup program under Windows appears to work just fine. Device manager shows the card as working properly and the wireless network manager loads just fine. The problem is, it doesn't find any wifi networks! I have enabled the Win2k wireless network service and reinstalled the driver/software several times to no avail. The only clue I have so far is that, in the Windows event log, I have several dozen Error: "Wireless-G PCI Adapter with SRX400 : Has determined that the adapter is not functioning properly." messages. Now, over in Puppy Linux, I am using the exact same driver with ndiswrapper and it works perfectly! I'm posting from the system now, in fact.
Any thoughts on getting this working under Windows (I don't want to use XP, btw)? Thanks!
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Re: Windows 2000 wireless networking

Postby Mister Xiado » 2017-12-04 @ 01:15

Alas, I only have a D-Link 802.11something PCMCIA card and its driver disc, and I don't recall much trouble using it in Win2K, though I used the card's software to handle WiFi instead of Windows itself. Then again, this was when Win2K was still kinda' new.
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Re: Windows 2000 wireless networking

Postby chinny22 » 2017-12-07 @ 14:27

Can you find an older or newer drivers+software?

You can also try WIn2k inbuilt wifi by doing the below but this is one of the few times I've had more luck with the driver software then with the inbuilt support in windows so not holding my breath.

• From Control Panel, Select Network and Dial-Up Connections
• Select Internet Connections
• Right click on Wireless Network Connection or Local Area Connections
• Select Properties
• Locate the TCP/IP protocol and select Properties
• NOTE: ( if more than one TCP/IP protocol is listed look for the one associated with your wireless adapter)
• Select Obtain an IP address automatically and Obtain DNS server address automatically
• Select the name of the wireless network default or
• It may be necessary to restart your computer.
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