Need help setting up Gotek

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Need help setting up Gotek

Postby Yuuker » 2017-12-05 @ 07:22

Sorry for the beginner question:

So i just bought a new Gotek off ebay, supposedly was per-flashed with "HXC"
Gotek seems to boot up ok, it came with a USB that had drivers on it (some stuff listed as bootloader) and it seems it won't display numbers unless those files are present.

The problem is how to get disk files into the slots, i can find no program to help me do it besides HXCFEMNG which unfortunately confuses me to a degree (mylist.txt?)
My motherboard also displays it as "Floppy Disks fail (40)". All my remaining floppy drives are bust so this Gotek is all i got.

I'm presuming this is slightly easy but, i (admitadly) couldn't figure this out with internet searches.

Slightly confused as to whats going on :depressed:
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Re: Need help setting up Gotek

Postby luckybob » 2017-12-05 @ 08:55

does this answer any questions?
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Re: Need help setting up Gotek

Postby bjt » 2017-12-05 @ 12:30

What platform? There is a DOS file selector available here:
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