UMC82C481 chipset drivers? Do they exist?

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UMC82C481 chipset drivers? Do they exist?

Postby carlostex » 2017-12-17 @ 12:54

Hey there gents!

My 386 build has a QDI386 board with UMC82C481/82 chipset. I'm using MR.BIOS to replace the old AMIBIOS the board had.

What i'm wondering is if there are any drivers for the UMC chipset which could give for instance hardware EMS memory instead of using EMM386 or QEMM whoch puts the CPU into Virtual x86 mode. I know that there are specific hardware drivers for Headland chipsets that can give EMS memory, but i was wondering if there are drivers for other chipsets.

If there aren't, there's probably no other solution than use an hardware EMS board with a LIM driver.

Any help appreciated, thanks!
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