Riva 128 ZX AGP Issues

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Riva 128 ZX AGP Issues

Postby Smack2k » 2017-12-24 @ 15:00

Hey all

Trying to get a RIVA128ZX installed in a Pentium 2 Build and no matter what driver I have tried (tried 4 or 5 of them including vendor CD drivers) on reboot I keep getting an error in Windows about the drivers and card

Does this mean the card is shot? I want to pair it with a Voodoo2 but having issues. Put a Matrix Productiva 100 AGP in there for now as it has very nice 2D quality and paired with voodoo2 seems like an OK setup. But would like to install the RIVA AGP in it

Have a Riva 128 PCI as well but trying to not drop to PCI unless necessary
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