DataExpert EXP8449 ver. 1.3, BIOS needed

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DataExpert EXP8449 ver. 1.3, BIOS needed

Postby quicknick » 2018-1-04 @ 01:03

Hello everyone and Happy New Year!
Well, the title says it all. In trying to get this board to POST i got myself a TL866CS programmer that arrived today. I had already searched the net and found two (different!) bios images for this board, and upon reading my EPROM chip with the TL866 turns out that i have yet another code inside, different from the other two that i downloaded. I burned and tried each of them on a 128K*8 flash, still no POST (no beeps, boot diagnostics card shows only dashes).
So, i know my chances are slim, but if someone has this board (ver. 1.3) working and is willing to do a BIOS dump for me, i'll send a sixpack his way :)
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