Foxconn Socket 754 K8S760MG-6LRS, SATA, SIS 964

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Foxconn Socket 754 K8S760MG-6LRS, SATA, SIS 964

Postby markiemarcus » 2018-2-04 @ 16:46

Hopefully this is of use to somebody else because there are quite a few of these motherboards around. ... -us0000076

I've been wrestling with this one for a while trying to get the integrated SATA controller to behave normally under Windows 98SE and ME. Switching the SATA controller to IDE mode in the BIOS obviously let's you get past the install phase, but the ""Your multi-function device (Standard Dual PCI IDE Controller) has some child devices" error crops up and at best you're forced in compatibility mode (which you can manually activate by booting into safe mode, launching MSCONFIG/General/Advanced/Force Compatibility mode disk access). Unfortunately this also disables the real IDE channels, so my IDE DVD drive also stopped functioning.

Ultimately, switching to IDE mode in the bios isn't necessary and convolutes the process. For whatever reason, Windows 98SE installs with the SATA mode set to RAID. Possibly something to do with how the controller is designed. Even DOS works. The only thing that's necessary is installing the SISRaid driver post install. It's very sluggish without it.

Hope this helps somebody!
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