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i found a thermaltake case very cheap

Sadly the case i have did not come with that power supply so im trying to figure out how the front light thing works, as is some kind of flexible pcb material. First i thought it was going to be just a led but no..the cable has 5 connectors and i have no clue what kind of voltage goes to each nor know which ones are ground

Also my fear is that the case is so old, that thermaltake did some kind of "DC to AC" power supply (because the black box connects the PC power supply on one end), and feeds the front light on the output side.


does anyone got any ideas?

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I believe the black box inside the case was no more than an on/off switch and effects cycler circuit (probably 12V) for the EL Flash Fireball on the front panel.

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Also seems to have been available as an add-on kit (Part Number: A1854)

https://www.cnet.com/products/thermaltake-per … anel-kit/specs/

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That looks like an electroluminescent (EL) light panel. Those are driven with a high AC voltage (100V or more) at low current so you need a suitable driver. You could probably get something from AliExpress that could be modified to work with that.


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Hey, that's the Lanfire! I have it's bigger brother, Lanmoto - with an extra drive bay and with the front panel ports integrated into the Hardcano fan control unit.

Many place, including Thermaltake official documentation also use the word "inverter" to refer to the black box, so I assume 133MHz is correct and you would indeed require one of those to activate the EL lamp.

Unfortunately, everyone seems to say that no voltage/current specifications are printed anywhere on the box, and I don't recall mine saying it either, but I'll take a look next time I'm around that PC.

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