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  • AGP - G400MAX
  • ISA 16bit - Diamond Speedstar PRO with a Cirrus Logic GD5429 chipset
  • ISA 8bit - Acumos AVGA1, Trident TVGA 9016 (9000B chipset)
  • Tandy 1000 SX

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Tamarack TD3088A5 Hercules Clone ISA
ATI Mach64 2MB ISA
Matrox Millennium II 8MB PCI
Voodoo 2 12MB SLI PCI + VIA UniChrome Pro 2D onboard (VIA EPIA CN10000EG ITX board)
Voodoo Banshee 16MB AGP
Voodoo 3 3000 16MB AGP

Circuit Board Repair Manuals
Turbo Display Project
Dual Socket 8 Project

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Cards used on my systems deliberately configured for DOS gaming:

8088 - UMC UM6845R 16KB ISA CGA Graphics
286 - Trident TVGA 8900C 1MB ISA Graphics (also has installed a Hercules Monochrome ISA Graphics Card, but I have no Monochrome monitors to test with)
386SX - Western Digital 9131 256KB Onboard Graphics
486DX - Tseng Labs ET 4000 1MB Onboard Graphics
Socket 5 PC - S3 ViRGE 325 2MB PCI Graphics (also had S3 Trio64 1MB Onboard Graphics)
Socket 7 PC - 3DFX Voodoo3 2000 16MB PCI Graphics
SS7 PC 1 - Nvidia TNT Vanta 16MB AGP Graphics
SS7 PC 2 - 3DFX Voodoo3 2000 16MB PCI Graphics (also had SIS 530 8MB Onboard Graphics)
Slot 1 PIII - ATI Rage 3D Pro 4MB Onboard Graphics
Socket 370 Tualatin - Nvidia GeForce FX5500 256MB PCI Graphics (aslo had Trident Blade 3D/ProMedia 8MB Onboard Graphics)

I also have another Socket 7 PC that's not currently built, but will have an SiS 6326 4MB PCI Graphics Card should I ever get around to doing so.

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SpectriaForce wrote:

Asus AGP-V3000 (NVIDIA Riva 128). I actually want a Riva 128ZX but haven’t found one locally yet.

The Asus version has worse VESA BIOS than their vanilla Riva128 you have, it lacks quite a few low resolution modes like 400x300.

On the other hand, I happen to have an Acorp piece (a new find) with a BIOS that has all the modes of the V3000.

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