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So i found an old 80386 Schneider Euro SX at school a week ago. Power supply was not surprisingly dead, replaced the caps and ordered new chips from china, in the mean time i just bodged in a newer atx psu.
It turns on and gives the beep code 3-2-4 after some time, i don't currently have any EGA monitors so i can't get any output 😢

But after days of going through the internet and old forums looking for any manuals and/or jumper setup guides.
So i ask you if you have any physical or scans of any of the manuals?

I did find a few service manuals for the Euro PC and Euro AT but they still lack anything on the jumper configurations.

Any help is Happily accepted 😀

- Gustav K. Andersen DK

Wiki - https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schneider_Euro_PC
Euro PC Manuals - http://oldcomputer.info/pc/euroPC2/index.htm

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Can't help much, since I don't own an Euro SX - Maybe the Tower AT manuals might be useful, though..
I heard the Euro AT and Tower At series had similarities here and there..

Good luck! 😀

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