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Hello friends !

Well I have an ASUS
A7N8X-X motherboard with
AthlonXP 2600+. I'm about to insert
a 3dfx Voodoo 2 biplane from
Gainward with the beautiful green
GPU coolers. As a primary graphics card I want to install an ATI Radeon
128GB card.
The whole thing should then be installed in a beautiful glass case, to illuminate the beauty of the Voodoo2 team well.
What are your experiences with this combination?

Yes, I know about Phil's computer lab reports, which means a 1.4 Ghz P-III is quite enough.
My K6-2 500 with 2x Voodoo2 3D Blaster does that too.

Regards from Vienna Austria

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Baoran wrote:

Radeon with 128Gb? 😜
Any pictures of the system?

I would guess that's a typo and he meant to say 128MB.

Anyways, from what I've heard, you might need special community drivers in order to use the Voodoo2 with newer AMD systems (I know this is the case with K8/AMD64 CPUs, but I can't remember if it also applies to K7 CPUs). In this case, you can find those drivers at http://www.3dfxzone.it.

I still post here, but only occasionally.

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Yes, 128MB is right, that's was a Type Issue. 😀
Thanks, i know about 3dfxzone.it, i have Wicked GL, MesaFX, Sage. NForce 2 Drivers for Win9x, XP, Seven..
Drivers for the ATI AGP Card.

Greets Aqua