"APS" External Tape Drive Internals

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"APS" External Tape Drive Internals

Postby athlon-power » 2019-1-10 @ 17:23

So, when I got this APS external SCSI tape backup drive, I immediately suspected that it was just an internal SCSI tape drive adapted inside a little box- when I opened it up to clean it, I found out that this was exactly the case.



I don't know the exact pin number of the tape drive, but I do know that it fits the internal SCSI header on my 1994 SCSI card. I obviously don't have a SCSI cable that would be long enough to go to it- but it does use a standard molex cable for power. What I'm thinking about at this point is probably pretty obvious, but the most elusive thing in trying to use it as an internal drive would be acquiring a 5.25" bay adapter for a drive like this- I'm not sure how available, but more importantly, cheap those sorts of things are.

Here's a close-up of the model number of the drive itself- a Sony SDT-9000:


The power supply built into the external shell seems to be alright, excluding some dust buildup, which I intend to clean. The question here is, should I keep it in the external enclosure, or should I figure out a way to install it as an internal drive? There is very little yellowing on the tape drive itself, and I feel like it would look cool to have one, and fill one of those two blank 5.25" drives with something interesting. I feel that the other side of the argument here is that I should keep it the way it is, as these things may not exactly be common.

Here's the PSU part of the enclosure:

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Re: "APS" External Tape Drive Internals

Postby chinny22 » 2019-1-11 @ 16:07

External tape drives are common enough that I wouldn't loose sleep over turning it into an internal drive.
Depending on your desk setup it may look cooler as an external drive.
None of this matters though if you cant find a way to mount it internally though. Most external tape drives still had the standard mounting holes, if yours doesn't then your going to have to get imaginative as you wont find some universal adapter.
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