XTIDE on 3C509B card

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Re: XTIDE on 3C509B card

Postby orcish75 » 2019-6-08 @ 12:56

Excellent info, thanks Canthearu. I haven't tried any newer versions than the one I've linked to, it's installed in all my PC's that require the XTIDE bios. Perhaps they've patched all newer versions since, to fix the poor Win 9X driver.
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Re: XTIDE on 3C509B card

Postby Viserion » 2019-6-12 @ 22:35

Sorry for lack of response, I just needed to take a break as I have been trying to get this to work, only for running in to different set of trouble, when finally solved the first one.

I have flashed it with the latest bios, so that is in order.
Not tried with a bigger HDD after flashing I think.
Can't completely remember what I have done when, as I did a lot of testing in a short period of time.

I've tried every ram module I have, but none of them work, including the original, and some 32mb ones I used when it suddenly wouldn't boot any more.
I've taken all cards out, and also removed battery while disconnecting power cable. It makes no difference.

There are 2 types of beeps how ever, depending on ram module either 1-3-1, or 1-3-2 that is according to online sources identified it as a memory module problem.

Won't have much time to work on this for the next few days, but will try to figure what the problem is, now and then when I have a bit of time.
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Re: XTIDE on 3C509B card

Postby Viserion » 2019-6-20 @ 19:01

Managed to get it going again.
The fault was something stupid as the vga connector having falled out and me not noticing.

I decided that for now, I keep it a SCSI system, as I have tinkered with this too long already, and it do work in its current state.
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