Universal AGP slots that provide only 1.5V ?

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Universal AGP slots that provide only 1.5V ?

Postby user33331 » 2019-6-13 @ 05:10

Which mfg.1998-2003: socket 370 and Socket A\462 boards have *universal AGP slot\port* that give only 1.5V to Graphic card ? ( and no 3.3V )
"some motherboards incorrectly have fully open slots, allowing a card to be plugged into a slot that does not support the correct signaling voltage"

Motherboard manuals with a universal agp slot only say something like: "compatible with 4x agp" or "provides 4x agp speed". 4x=AGP 2.0=1.5V.

Trying to see if I can plug a Voodoo 3-3000 agp 3.3V to a universal agp slot.
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Re: Universal AGP slots that provide only 1.5V ?

Postby Aragorn » 2019-6-13 @ 07:08


I came across this the other day, has a list of chipsets and what agp voltages they use.
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Re: Universal AGP slots that provide only 1.5V ?

Postby swaaye » 2019-6-13 @ 18:06

Yeah what he means though is the boards that are keyed to accept all cards but don't actually work with 3.3v. It's probably some small number of 4x era motherboards. I've never had one like this.

I use a KT333 based board as my fast AGP 3.3v card system. Some of those are actually KT400 chips in disguise though (no 3.3v support) so you need to look for the universal slot. Maybe some of these are incorrectly (un) keyed.
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