Solid State Scsi options?

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Solid State Scsi options?

Postby TimWolf » 2019-7-10 @ 20:30

Building a PC around the Asus P2B-S and want to see what the best (price) options are out there for using a solid state solution. So far I've seen several iterations of scsi to SD ranging from $60 - $125. Other than that, are the really stinking expensive devices are CF and SATA to scsi the only other choices being super costly at $200 - $2000? Am I forgetting any other possibilities?

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Solid State Scsi options?

Postby wiretap » 2019-7-10 @ 21:00

This: ... isk-drives
or this: ... ives-fixed

Those are the two best options I have found -- I'm using several of the CF2SCSI options at work to replace DEC/Compaq Alpha tape decks and hard disks.
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Re: Solid State Scsi options?

Postby BushLin » 2019-7-11 @ 01:21

Lots of info here: viewtopic.php?f=46&t=65553
There is some potential in the Acard\Addonics SATA to SCSI adapters and a unicorn native SCSI Sandisk drive mentioned in this thread viewtopic.php?f=46&t=51671
TimWolf wrote:Am I forgetting any other possibilities?

Yeah, don't use SCSI!
After all the expense, your board's Ultra 2 theoretical bandwidth is 80MB/s so after taking reality and the conversion into account maybe you get 70MB/s.
If you use a SATA SSD over IDE or a SATA PCI card you'll end up with better performance and a healthier wallet. Disabling the SCSI controller will shave the initialisation time off your boot too.
Whatever your priorities are, I'd always go for a SATA SSD rather than SD or CF for much better performance in all departments, also not having very limited write cycles before they're junk.
Screw period correct, I wanted a faster system back then. I choose no dropped frames, super fast loading, fully compatible and quiet operation.
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Re: Solid State Scsi options?

Postby chinny22 » 2019-7-11 @ 16:23

As a proud owner of the P2B-DS I get wanting to use the onboard SCSI, but its not practical in any way, shape or form.
Mines got 4 noisy ex server hard drives, becase I had them and because I can, not due to performance or anything like that

I'd say even $60 is to expensive compared to the cost of Sata to IDE adapter.
I would say get a SCSI device just for the sake of having one, be it a CD, Tape, HDD or whatever but if you really want Solid State go with one of Bushlin's options.
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Re: Solid State Scsi options?

Postby TimWolf » 2019-7-12 @ 15:36

Thanks guys, it does seem that SATA seems the best option for me right now.
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