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The description of the motherboard in the listing is wrong but what is inside the bubble wrap is more interesting. Anyone want to guess what board is actually inside.


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Alaris Cougar 486BL/3 motherboard.
I used to own one, I recognize it anywhere.
https://stason.org/TULARC/pc/motherboards/A/A … UGAR-486BL.html

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Definitely an Alaris Cougar, a very interesting beast nonetheless, it has a on-board IBM DLC3 (think of it as a 486DLC on steroids, with a whooping 16kb of cache).

But be aware that if you don't install a 387 coprocessor, the DLC3 (aka "Blue Lightning") will be recognized as a 486SX... But you can put a 486DX on the motherboard, (as it is also one of those "hybrid" 386/486 motherboards)

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It also uses a fairly uncommon chipset, the OPTi 499...the flagship of the 49x series.

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