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Just got a nice clean AN430TX motherboard that supports MMX, two slots SDRAM. Real ATX, not the Dell's, came with Pentium 200mmx but I plan to run pentium 133MHz speed for old dos and some games.

What made me buy this it has two Yamaha ICs one YMF719-S and YMF704 (general midi), I know YMF719 is but what is this, YMF704?


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I cant provide much help except that my soundcard has both of those chips present:


Somone from the forum pointed to this thread: Help identifying sound card

For a little more info.

Edit: This page lists some details of the chip: https://www.scientific-solutions.com/surplus/ … opl4/ymf704.pdf

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OPL4-ML, not just OPL4. It is a single chip General MIDI synth for music over MPU401 without need for a WB card or some external MIDI module like SC55.

T-04YBSC, a new YMF71x based sound card & Official VOGONS thread about it
Newly made 4MB 60ns 30pin SIMMs ~
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