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What is the fastest cpu that can install this 486?
I suspect he cannot install the DX4 because it has 16kb of L1 and in the manual he mentions 8Kb...

images and pdf...

https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1jOqD5 … vL4?usp=sharing

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No, that is a socket 1. You can not install a POD there, as that needs at least a socket 2.

Fastest ordinary CPU you can install is the Overdrive 486 DX4-100. Or one of those upgrade kits with a 5x86 133 MHz. These are quite hard to find, however.

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Doesn't look like Socket 2. So I think Pentium Overdrive 83 wouldn't fit IMHO. Looks like 486 overdrive socket.

If you can disable the soldered-in CPU somehow. Then it should be possible to install Am5x86-133 through 3.3V -> 5V interposer. Installed like that in 486 machines way older than this.

If cannot disable the onboard CPU. Then DX4 overdrive.

I would be surprised if DX4 wouldn't work because of the 16k cache. Likely manual uses 8k as a synonym for certain CPU class and not the cache per se.

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