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I am trying to power up an Aptiva 2161 system board with a 300gl 6282 PSU. They are rated at the same wattage the only thing is that the 300gl does not include the 3 pin power connector required on the 2161 board (at least not directly). The 300gl PSU does have two 3 pin connectors but it does not seem to be directly compatible with the 2161 board.

Looking at the manual for the 2161 it says that on J23 you are plugging in the power connector that supply’s 5vdc Aux. The 3 pin connector for the 300gl is said to provide +5v, Control, and Ground.

I thought these may have been the same thing but I must of been wrong. Any idea what voltages and connections would need to be made to the 2161 5vdc Aux connection (J23 on the system board)?