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I found this older topic that PARKE actually posted in while searching today. Slot 1 CPU fitting..
I guess I'll have to cut into my retention bracket so that I can use it with this CPU. Any recommendations for doing this? I don't own a dremel.
Also do you think the heat from the CPU on the heatsink would spread all the way out to the edges of the heatsink and get hot enough to melt the retention bracket?

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The most sophisticated way is, so seems to me, to use the bracket that is meant for this type of sink.:

And no, the temperatures involved are way too low to affect plastics in the design,

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Hey if the GPU isnt the issue try other ram and or another cpu. The same mobo that I used to have before stupidly killing it came with a 266mhz P2 and wouldnt run any 100mhz Katmai chips until I upgraded to the last bios. Hopefully it is just the GPU and you can pick up a cheap Geforce 2 mx card or the like and a chunk of ram to get ya going.

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