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I just picked up a very nice Micron VL486DX-486 66Mhz desktop. Doing some cleaning and testing I touched the passive heat sink on the CPU and it was very hot. I thought of a case fan but there just isn’t any room so I thought of a cooling fan, but would need some kind of adapter. Looked online and didn’t find any for a socket 2 and looking at the board, couldn’t find a power source on the mother board for one.

I’ve never actually touched a heat sink on an older CPU, I know that it’s subjective, but is really hot to the touch normal?


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You can search for 486 or socket 3 heatsink or cooler as well, as they are all the same. I got my 486 coolers for about £5 each last year, though I was looking for a few months.

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Yes it's normal. My DX4 Overdrive without a fan gets scorching hot to the touch.

As for fans. If you don't mind being a bit ghetto, you can get a small Noctua fan and ziptie or epoxy it down to the heatsink. Works just fine. Many of Noctua's smaller fans come with adapters for molex power and low noise.

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Yes you can add a fan, zip ties do work but better if you figure out how to perm mount the fan. check this topic: Intel 486 DX4ODPR100 runs very hot

Hate posting a reply and have to edit it because it made no sense 😁 First computer was an IBM 3270 workstation with CGA monitor. 🤣 Second computer a 286 12Mhz with real IDE drive ! After that came 386, 486, Pentium, P.Pro and everything after....