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I purchased a Gotek Floppy Emulator and then downloaded the software that Phil recommends from his link. Following his video, I installed the software and started using it step by step as he shows in his video. The USB stick was formatted as he shows into 100 separate disks and when I try to open one, (double click or right click/open) it opens Windows Explorer to my desktop. I uninstalled and tried again to the same result. I uninstalled and downloaded/installed the earlier 1.3 version thinking there was a bug in version 1.4 with the same result. I didn't install into X86 programs but directly under C:.

I am running an up to date version of Win 10 and scanned the software download for virus/malware.

Has anyone had problems with this software or know if there is any support?


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Stop using that software, that video is OLD.

Download and install latest stable Flash-Floppy firmware.


Use HxC selector software.

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