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I tried to assemble my Pentium Pro system today, but was stymied both by the fact that the CPU fan requires a separate PWM cable (not really a problem, but annoying) and by the absolute abomination of a case I selected--the Chernbro SR20503. I bought it a couple of years ago because it was (a) cheap, (b) beige, (c) had lots of drive bays, and (d) had a real PC speaker. Unfortunately it's also (e) a complete piece of shit that completely stymied my build. Among the problems:

* A badly fitting and fragile multi-piece faceplate that is hard to get on, harder to remove, and now has a broken tab in the bottom right. The Chernbro SR209 used in my Athlon build might still have flimsy plastic clips holding the faceplate on but at least they fucking fit.
* The 3.5" drive cage lacks depth and the HDD bays can take only the front two screws (per side) of three on a standard IDE drive. However, my SCSI hard drive has two screws per side, so the rear screwhole hangs out behind the end of the drive cage and a secure mount is impossible.
* The 3.5" drive cage attaches by an obscure system of clips, and one piece of it has fallen off, and I'm not sure how to get it back together and anchored to the case.
* Generally horrific quality, fit, and finish even compared to the other Chernbro case I've used.

I've given up on this case, and I'm looking for a replacement. At this point I'm not very inclined to gamble and want something that has the following features:
* Mid tower/full-height desktop or bigger
* Full ATX
* Preferably beige, though white is acceptable and I'll take black if I must
* Able to take a double-height 3.5" hard drive with screws at the very front and rear
* At least 3 external 5.25" bays and at least 1 external 3.5" bay OR at least 4 5.25" bays if no external 3.5" bay exists
* Build quality/fitment/ease of use is better than a 1976 Chevette
* Under $150

Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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