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Zup wrote on 2020-09-16, 05:31:
SwirlyDreamy wrote on 2020-09-15, 19:40:

Had one recently though trying to nLite touchpad drivers for this netbook I'm on now, and it just wouldn't detect the mouse at all even when uninstalling the driver. IDK what caused that...

I had a similar issue with an HP laptop (Intel Atom). The touchpad didn't work, but a USB mouse worked fine. That was because the touchpad was connected to an I2C device, and that I2C device was using an Intel generic driver that didn't work.

After installing HP drivers (I guess they were the "serial I/O" ones), the touchpad started to work again.

Interesting because this is actually also a HP Mini (a 110c-1010EA), thanks for the advice there. Are you referring to the ICH7 chipset files, or the Synaptics touchpad ones - which may have been modified to suit the device specifically... or something else? I did have everything there slipstreamed from HP's archives, luckily.

It's quite a hunt finding drivers for those legacy products though now, HP have decided to nuke most of them from view on their site - the downloads still exist however from their FTP links, and given a lot of those 'driver' websites don't list every variant model, I can't be 100% certain on things (and the ones that do list mine, either hide behind an installer or have sourced files from random places elsewhere that aren't the actual drivers for the system/generic non-OEM drivers, making them useless to me glares at DriverScape)

Knowing what you're doing to quite a point beforehand can certainly help matters, how quickly did it take for you to figure it out? I kept thinking I messed up the integration process of the touchpad due to (for some weird reason) the binaries being included twice in the driver installer, heh. And then thinking E2B was messing up due to a broken/fake USB drive I own, which surprisingly was not actually the case (h2 test showed it wouldn't have been either).

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