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So years back now I got some pin modded 1.4Sghz Tualatins off ebay, one I used in an ASUS CUBX-E, which required a modded bios, and it's still working fine, the other I've held on too and I'm wanting to use it in this gateway I've had since forever , was the family's first PC and my daily drive till 2009, so i wanted to fix it up.

the motherboard is a anaheim 3 rev c 000629, and out of the box it wouldnt boot the cpu, i was wondering if anyone here had the skills to mod me a bios so I can get it booting.

right now it has a celeron 1.1ghz and i really feel its always held the system back so if all else fails ill just get a PIII 1133ghz coppermine T.