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I decided to check and see if I can use the XT-IDE Universal BIOS on my Promise EIDE Pro super I/O controller card for my 386DX/486DLC machine in place of the Promise EIDE BIOS to see what would happen and I notice the following: the XT-IDE Universal BIOS isn't working at all, but the chip(s) is/are inserted correctly, plus they have been programmed.

I changed the BIOS address space from C8000h to D8000h, CC000h, and DC000h without any changes. Unfortunately, the XT-IDE Universal BIOS can only go up to FFFFh in the XT IDE Configuration program and I have no idea on how to change the address space and it should work regardless of BIOS address space. Is it because the I/O card is programmed to only work with the Promise EIDE BIOS?

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