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Greetings all from North Wales UK
I have been ordered to reduce my collection or what a certain person rudely calls junk! cheek!
I have 3 boards and am looking to keep one for maximum compatibility for 98se and possibly DOS gaming using a pci Yamaha XG YMF744 and was looking for confirmation on which to pass on? I'm also trying to discover the ATX power standard these boards use?

2 ASUS K8V-X-SE K8T800
3 IS-10 865G (I think manufactured by ABIT but is a OEM without AGP slot!)


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3 boards and it's too many? I have so many that I lost count at 100 😀

If you only have to get rid of, just think which you will miss least. I would see if there is one you can't find drivers with - possibly the OEM

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Get rid of the "rude" person giving the orders!



98se:- Asus A8v Dlx. A-64 3000+, 512 mb ddr, 4400 Ti, SB Live.
XP Pro:- Asus P5 Q SE Plus, C2D E8400, 2 Gig DDR2, Radeon HD4870, SB Audigy 2ZS.
Windows Home Server v1 :- Gigabyte GA-EP43, C2Q Q9550, Bunch of SATA HDD's.

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If I had to pick one, I'd keep #2. It has the most expansion slots and a proven VIA chipset. #1 would have been an interesting mini build, but it has limited potential with so few slots. #3 is dicey, and I wouldn't want to hitch my only retro-wagon to an OEM board. Good luck!

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Agree with schlomoe99 go with the ASUS K8V-X-SE K8T800 VIA chipset and 4 PCI slots are it's big selling points.
Just be aware that chipset has issue with SATA 2 or above drives. IDE, drives that allow you to jumper it to SATA 1 or a PCI SATA card are the cheap easy work arounds.

Even if the ASUS A7S8X had a more desirable chipset 2 PCI slots will limit upgrade options.

The chipset in the IS-10 865G would actually be my preferred choice, but not at the sacrifice of AGP