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I recently got an old AB-PT5 (rev 2.11) motherboard and so far the closest to a "manual" online I had found is this webpage https://stason.org/TULARC/pc/motherboards/A/A … PT5-R2-PCI.html, do any of you have a scan of the original manual at hand (you know, just in case there is such thing)?

In theory the CN7 (in the diagram in the page I mentioned) is the PS/2 mouse connector, but it doesn't look at all to the previous 4 pin mouse connectors I had seen in other old mobos and I am a little confused about the pin configuration for memory, you know, things like that.

Any help will be highly appreciated, thanks!

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We have it here: http://www.win3x.org/uh19/motherboard/show/118

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It's better than you think ! It may be a little blurry, but not *too* blurry and colors/lighting is great 😉 (though I'm not a photographer either)
I have added it to the page.

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