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Hello everyone, I have this card and I would like to fix it but someone has thrown a hammer on it and the voltage regulator is missing, kindly is there any owner of this card that tells me what component is it?


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The missing regulator is a Fairchild Semiconductor NDP603AL N-Channel Logic Level Enhancement Mode Field Effect Transistor 25A, 30V. RDS(ON) = 0.022Ω @ VGS=10V https://pdf1.alldatasheet.com/datasheet-pdf/v … D/NDP603AL.html

It was a PITA to read the specs as the big capacitor was in the way. Mine has a 9536 date code.

I also tried to make good pics with the entire board.

Good luck!

Rhino-01.jpg Rhino-02.jpg Rhino-03.jpg Rhino-04.jpg Rhino-05.jpg Rhino-06.jpg Rhino-07.jpg Rhino-08.jpg Rhino-09.jpg Rhino-10.jpg Rhino-11.jpg Rhino-12.jpg Rhino-13.jpg Rhino-14.jpg Rhino-15.jpg Rhino-16.jpg Rhino-17.jpg Rhino-18.jpg Rhino-19.jpg Rhino-20.jpg Rhino-21.jpg Rhino-22.jpg Rhino-23.jpg Rhino-24.jpg Rhino-25.jpg Rhino-26.jpg Rhino-27.jpg Rhino-28.jpg Rhino-29.jpg Rhino-30.jpg Rhino-31.jpg Rhino-32.jpg Rhino-33.jpg Rhino-34.jpg Rhino-35.jpg Rhino-36.jpg Rhino-37.jpg Rhino-38.jpg Rhino-39.jpg Rhino-40.jpg Rhino-41.jpg Rhino-42.jpg Rhino-43.jpg Rhino-44.jpg Rhino-45.jpg Rhino-46.jpg Rhino-47.jpg Rhino-48.jpg Rhino-49.jpg Rhino-50.jpg Rhino-51.jpg Rhino-52.jpg Rhino-53.jpg Rhino-54.jpg Rhino-55.jpg Rhino-56.jpg Rhino-57.jpg Rhino-58.jpg Rhino-59.jpg Rhino-60.jpg Rhino-61.jpg Rhino-62.jpg Rhino-63.jpg Rhino-64.jpg Rhino-65.jpg Rhino-66.jpg Rhino-67.jpg Rhino-68.jpg Rhino-69.jpg Rhino-70.jpg Rhino-71.jpg Rhino-72.jpg Rhino-73.jpg Rhino-74.jpg Rhino-75.jpg Rhino-76.jpg Rhino-77.jpg Rhino-78.jpg Rhino-79.jpg

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