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hello all

been tinkering and trying different parts and ideas for my first vintage build and not sure if it the best it gonna be for the era

my first vintage pc build (Win 95)

but thinking of changing mobo from socket 7 to a super socket 7 mobo but not sure if it worth it because

- re-building my win98 pc (p4 cpu and geforce 4 ti 4200)
- still tweaking and tinkering with 486 dx4 100 dos build (will post specs and pics at some point) in system specs section

my train of thought is that if i did change the mobo from socket 7 to a super socket 7 that it might open doors to push it a little further with maybe slight faster cpu and even early agp as i would like use some current parts (like sound card and voodoo card) and happy enough with psu but not sure if changing mobo will push the psu too much (changing from AT to early ATX psu (which i am not keen on because of how early atx psu are dying and unreliable in long run and difficult to replace)

any advice and maybe ideas if it worth it and what do with it, if worth it

thank you for help/advice