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So I need to condense, alot of my comps are going into storage because of a move comming up. What do yall think about this rig, and what drivers for 98SE do yall recommend, this is going to replace my Pentium 233MMX, K6-3 550, Athlon 700, and Pentium 3 933 rigs for 98SE, as well as my XP rigs of P4 1.7, XP 2200, Pentium 4 3.4, and cover from 1995-2003 games, and I'll keep my AMD PHenom II rig for 2004-2010 games that don't work right on my Windows 11 main system.

System is
Athlon 64 3200 2ghz Clawhammer
OEM K8T890 Motherboard
2GB DDR400 (with Rloews patch applied on 512mb before upgrading of course)
80GB HDD + 200GB HDD for XP
Question is GPU
Quadro FX 1300, or Quadro FX 3450 aka FX5900 or Geforce 6800GS. I have the 3450 but the 1300 isn't to bad, would prefer a real PCX5900 but havn't seen any