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I'm trying to figure out if those 462 motherboards with 4-pin 12v plug, for CPU, really unload the 5v line of the PSU.

I'm using an Athlon Xp 3200+ with a X800XT Platinum, in this first test.

PSU is weak, but enough for the test.

It's an EVGA with 20A in the 5V rail.

I'm using this one, cause I'm trying to learn in which situations I can use a modern PSU with this kind of system.

Some people say that X800 is not heavy for the 5v rail, as 9800pro is.

First, I tried these components with a Gigabyte GA-7VT600, without the 4-pin 12v plug.

Running 3Dmark 2001SE, the 5v rail dropped to about 4.5v, and I was using a multimeter.

Then, I tried with a Gigabyte GA-7N400, which has the 4 pin 12v, for the CPU.

Running 3Dmark 2001SE, the 5v rail didn't show any considerable drop. It dropped between 0.1v and 0.05v.

Multimeter was connected to the same molex that was powering the X800XT.

In your opinion, this test showed that the 4-pin 12v really unload the 5v rail?

Is there another better method to test it?

I tried to measure the amperage, but I did something wrong. Values were so low.

At this moment, I think we can power an Athlon XP with a modern PSU, when the mobo has the 4-pin.

I was doubtful about it, cause some people say that the 4-pin doesn't really unload the 5v rail, with an Athlon XP.

For last, I don't know If I'm doing it wrong or right.

This post is for discussion about it.

Thank you, and have a merry christmas!