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I have a 98 g3 tray loading imac, the motherboard doesn't work anymore. But apparently your monitor is still fine to use. I thought about turning it into an iPC, because I have a Dell Pentium 2 notebook that the screen broke, I would use it to replace the imac motherboard.

From what I've seen on the internet, this model should simply work as a vga monitor without much modification, it uses a DB15 cable that connects to the imac's motherboard, but this DB15 connector is arranged differently from the traditional vga db15 connector. I then took a DB15 female connector compatible with the Mac output, and a traditional female VGA connector, and connected the wires following an electrical schematic. The scheme was to do the reverse (use a vga monitor on a mac) but I was unsuccessful.

Does anyone have any tips?

I know what you guys are going to say, buy an adapter. The problem is that in my country they don't have it, and I don't have to buy it in another country, so I need to make one.


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It is possible and has been done before. Though perhaps not on this site. The main issue is that the logic/motherboard in the imac tells the display when to power on and off so if you were to change to a non imac motherboard you would need to rig up an arduino or something to send the right signals at the right time. Its doable but in my opinion not really worth it. I would either replace the dead imac board or sell the unit to someone who needs the working display parts to fix a different imac.