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Hi all im trying to set up a cf card in dos 6.22 i have a 4gb cf card that im trying to partition to 2 2gb partitions but when i run fdisk from the ms dos 6.22 floppy it will only allow a maximum of around 500mb.
is this normal i had no issues when i was using a normal hdd
what would be a alternative way to set this cf card up?
i tried using partition magic but my pc would not like the partitions

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I have experienced that too, and I went around it by moving the card to a "newer" system (a Socket 7 one) and there I used ontrack disk manager to create two 2 GB partitions, which are then accessible to the 486 system.

I reckon I did this among a myriad of software and hardware related stuff I was testing so there might be more "proper" ways to deal with this, but it seems to have worked fine for me.

As a side note, although what you describe is most likely related to the card's size alone, do keep in mind that consume CF cards usually present themselves as 'removable media' while industrial cards do as 'hard drives', and that affects how/if partitioning tools can handle them.

Hope this helps a bit.