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I bought a chieftec dragon case used.

When i opened it i noticed that it uses a plastic case clip for the 80mm fan design, 2 on the back, 2 on the front. And just the fan on the side window.
Now originally these plastic clips were violet


So looking inside the case i found small squares of double sided tape on the back and bottom, then i knew the original owner had 2 cathodes installed.
but i saw the 80mm cooler plastic clips on my case, and the front ones are violet but really faded in color
The back ones are almost brown, and it has areas that were covered by the fan that are violet.

So UV cathodes cause this? I wonder what they do to white PCI slots on motherboards, probably the computer was powered on all day for many years with uv cathodes.

so i took with my hands one of these brown clips and guess what, it was fragile, like a glass, as soon as i moved it a little bit it cracked.

I found this kind of strange, if it turns violet into brown, then what can it do to other areas for example crystal clear 80mm fans might end up changing to another color.

Does this also happen with UV SMD leds?

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Actual UV will damage many plastics and rubbers so it is quite probable it was the reason.

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