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So ive been really playing around with win 3.11 installing heaps of software like ms office ect.
my issue with win 3.11 is every time i install the win 32 subset or video for windows all my other applications will refuse to open and throw up a general protection fault
this happens with apps like ms office or corel paint or word perfect.

im tying this on my 486 dx 50
not sure is its a hardware problem of a software issue but as soon as i install win32s or video for windows thats it it corrupts all my windows dll files and im forced to start from scratch.
any one got any ideas?

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Did you try installing in a different order? One piece of software could be installing an updated file that gets reverted to an older version by VFW / Win32s. The best thing to do would be make a copy of your WINDOWS directory, especially SYSTEM.INI, and maybe CONFIG.SYS / AUTOEXEC.BAT in case there are any changes there. Then if you install VFW / Win32s again and have problems you can compare the broken files with the backed-up versions to look for the cause. Or just restore the backup to save time on reinstalling.

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Is virtual memory enabled? Permanent swap file? 32-Bit disk access/32-Bit file access?

Win32s can be very finicky. It's a grand hack. Not sure why VFW causes trouble, though.

Also, which versions?

I'm using the ELSA version of VFW from www.win31.de - it has DCI support among other things.

Also, I'm using the patched files of Win32s. ^^
They cab be found at: http://stephan.win31.de/w32slist.htm

Edit: I also recommend the MicroHouse HDD driver from www.win31.de

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