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I've been sitting on this 486 motherboard for a couple of years now, and now that I finally have a job again, I'm looking to finish it up.
All I have hooked up right now is the MB, a GPU, and the power supply. I have a box with the remaining components for the build, and I'm going to use an SD/IDE converter for Windows 3.1/DOS. I'm also going to be seeking a case in the near future, along with the appropriate peripherals.
What I'm in need of help with is other things I may be able to do to improve the build. I'm looking to max out the RAM if possible, and I'm not sure how powerful the CPU is.
I've looked online for MB manuals, and have so far only come across on that's pretty barebones. It doesn't have the jumper settings nor an adequate description of the Bank0 RAM slots.

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Here's the manual.

The fastest chip will probably be AMD 5x86 at 160 MHz (40MHz FSB). The manual doesn't list the support for it, but there's a high chance it will work (I have a different QDI motherboard using the same Opti 895 chipset. The BIOS doesn't know about 5x86, but it works great). There's a guide for these chips here.

Pentium Overdrive will have faster FPU, but not enough that it matters. Also not every Overdrive will work at 100 MHz (40MHz FSB), so 5x86 will be a better choice for most games that do run on a 486.

You probably don't need to max out RAM, 16 or 32MB will be enough. You'll need FPM RAM, not EDO.

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