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I'm getting ready to test my second P5A (1.04) motherboard with a 550 MHz K6-2 CPU and have all the jumpers set appropriately (well except the jumpers only go up to a 5x multiplier so I guess I'm stuck at 500 MHz), and I'm stuck on how to set the VIO jumpers. The CPU says 3.3v VIO, and the jumpers only have an option for 3.5 VIO and up, so I'm not sure how to set them.

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Set it to Default 3.5v. Yeah seems odd it does not have 3.3v as Default and 3.5v etc like some other boards. CPU-World says max VIO is 3.6v so 3.5 should be OK.
Just make sure you set the core V to what it supposed to be (2.3v is listed)

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