Windows 95 Gaming?

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Alistar1776 wrote on 2022-08-15, 00:26:

Greatly appreciate the info. It seems, according to the links you sent, the M598LR is the one to actually support my AMD K6-2 350, while the M590 doesnt have it in the support list. When I got the boards, they both had an AMD K6-2 in them, so im assuming some info is wrong. For sound, I intended on adding a sound card anyway. Something like a SB16, or AWE32. Tho, my next question is about the psu connections on these boards. There seems to be atx, and the older style connectors both. And i also have power supplies that have both connectors. Will they run on either or, or do both types of connections need to be plugged in?

The M590 has a dedicated VRAM on the board (4 or 8MB depending on the version), the GPU is a SiS 6326, don't expect any big performances from that. Better than a wire to the eye, of course. Some drivers had a memory problem in 3DM99 (they reported a lack of VRAM for the default resolution of 800x600), the verified good driver is the so called "High Angle" version.

Audio CMI 8330 isn't that bad (it supports SB Pro/16/2.0, Adlib and WSS) and has an OPL3 FM clone. Of course, it's not PCI audio, like trying to suggest a label, it's ISA chip.

Lastly, with the last BIOS, modified by Jan Steunebrink, it can also K6-2/+ and K6-III/+. Despite the PC100 stickers suggesting the possibility of a 100MHz FSB, the SiS5595/5591 used chipset can only do 66/75/83 MHz stable, at 100MHz it is highly unstable and unusable. I run K6-2 300@380 at FSB 83MHz on it.

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TrashPanda wrote on 2022-08-15, 05:53:
Rocket202 wrote on 2022-08-15, 00:30:
im new in the retro scene but for example Earthworm jim special edition in windows 98 is not working in fullscreen, only in win9 […]
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RandomStranger wrote on 2022-08-09, 06:47:

It's unlikely that if a game runs on Win95 it will have issues with W98. I see no practical reason to build a dedicated W95 machine.

im new in the retro scene but for example Earthworm jim special edition in windows 98 is not working in fullscreen, only in win95.

Probably sometimes depends the game needs workarounds like patches or use another software to fix the problem.
That happened to me with resident evil having to use an official patch. With POD i have an issue too and im just starting so I understand that this must be usual.

It is true that at the moment the few that I tried all work, and with the ms-dos games zero problems, no workarounds needed, just install and play.

If its one of the games in that crazy era where 3.11 was still at the top and Windows95 was just getting started there were a lot of games that used hacky workarounds to get them working under 95, where they still used 3.11 dll files which did actually work just fine under 95. But you take those games to 98 and it'll throw a fit due to the dll files or the game wont work quite as intended due to 98 having far less patience for the hacky work arounds that work under 95. (I have a cd full of early 95 shareware games that use 3.11 dll files and some of them work ok under 98 but it can be fun to get them running, others wont run at all or only partially)

Its a very small window of time, which is why I think its still a good idea to have a DOS/Win95 box if you want to explore these programs. (Pre OSR2 Win95 that is)

i didnt know that, i take note for the future, so probably that earthworm jim is one of them because dont have any sense fullscreen not working.
After tested more games... i can confirm, windows 98 & games needs yes or yes workarounds, not only previous OS games, a little bit headpain.

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Apparently 'Super Bubsy' is one of those win95 only games. It was ported by ATI and works in a very narrow subset of software and hardware.

DF Retro Play: Super Bubsy - The 'Lost' PC Game Finally Working! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p5SSo9F8PGI