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So, because I had a bunch of XP compatible GPUs, a LGA1156 CPU, a mini ITX case and some DDR3 lying around, I figured I'd build me a nice XP based mITX rig. Bought a used Intel DH57JG board, plop my CPU in it and some DDR3 and it boots to bios fine. However it just does not see most PCI-E GPUS. It sees a PCIE Sound Blaster and it sees and outputs through a Quadro FX 1300 (https://www.techpowerup.com/gpu-specs/quadro-fx-1300.c1355 basically a downclocked PCX 5950). All of my other GPUs (a X300SE, a X850XT, an X1950XTX, and HD 3870, and a HD 6950) are simply not detected in BIOS (shows up as an unpopulated slot). I initially thought it might be a PSU issue, so I connected the GPUs with external power requirements to a spare psu and used a psu test dongle to enable it. No dice, and considering the X300SE (a bare bone GPU that was from an old Dell I inherited) doesn't work the PSU likely isn't the issue. I upgraded to the last bios release - no dice. Any ideas? Has anyone heard of an issue like this?