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Hello there!
I must confess it' s not much about looking for some solution but why you chose this or other.
Or discussion a history of yours chose.

There is a lot of time i played with testing Slot 1 systems from 440BX(and dual head ) to some Slot 1 solutions with VIA chipsets.
Finally i desided stop at 440BX (ASUS P2-99) and 1Ghz Plll Cumine with 133 FSB.
As we know such high FSB imposes restrictions on the choice of video card.
My main conditions are stability and compatibility. It's mean no R300 series Radeon.
(of course because it's even not post😆)
I found that VC from ATI based on RV250/RV280 such Radeon 9000PRO are stable and gave good performance.
GF3 are stable and gave additional performance near 15-20% compared to R9k.
Looks that GF4 series with AGP8 support do mot like such high FSB.
Finally my choice fall at FX 5700. It's cheap , easy to find and gives enough performance. Maybe to much form this CPU.
Share you thinks .
Which GPU you have chosen for your Slot 1 systems? What you use , performance or time correct GPU?

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I would go period-correctness path - Windows 9x.
P!!! 1000/133 is still 750MHz at 100MHz fsb - so quite fast for Slot 1. And for graphics card - GF 4MX 440 (128Bit) is ideal 😀 It is exactly what I'm using.
This gpu gives you possibilty to use Nvidia 45.23 drivers which are considered here to be the best in terms of compatibility.

Save better GPU (and CPU) for Windows XP machine. IMHO.

1) VLSI SCAMP /286@20 /4MB /CL-GD5422 /CMI8330
2) i420EX /486DX33 /16MB /TGUI9440 /YMF718+GUS
3) i440BX /P!!!750 /256MB /MX440 /SBLive!+Vibra16s
4) iG31 /E8400 /4GB /X1950GT /HDA

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Personally I don't overclock the FSB, I like to keep everything in spec, If i need a faster PC I'll just tun on my P4 or whatever.

My "be all you can be" P3 1Ghz has a GF4 Ti4600
Where as my more realistic P3 600 has a GF2MX

Truth is, for the games I play, isn't alot of noticeable difference outside benchmarks. Maybe that would be different if I played more 3d shooters?
but I'd suspect the FX5700, GF4 MX or GF 3 would be fine and would come down to price.