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This machine still has the original Compaq install with Windows 95. Everything works great but the Device Manager entry for the PS/2 Compatible Mouse Port says "The device is not present, not working properly or does not have all of the drivers installed". The drivers it lists are msmouse.vxd and mouse.drv. When I removed the device and restarted Windows it detects it and installs the same drivers but still shows the same error. It does not show any resource conflicts. Anybody have any ideas how I might get this fixed?

I am using a serial mouse on it right now, but would like the option to use a PS/2 mouse.

486 DX4-100 (overdrive)
16MB 72-pin SIMM RAM (2x8MB)
1MB Diamond Speedstar Pro VLB video card
SB 16 Value CT2770
AOpen VI15G Socket 3 Motherboard
HDD/FDD VLB controller card