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I've recently puchased an old gaming laptop - ASUS ROG G60VX packed with c2d cpu and geforce 260m (close to 250 desktop). 3dmark06 runs perfectly fine, gives me 11k score. Battlefield 3 worked also without any crashes. But then i've tried several PhysX enabled apps:

Alice Madness Returns

And all of them crash or blink and loose any fluid effect. I've tried numerous of different driver versions, physx versions, same story - when it works from gpu it will crash. I even tried clean windows 7 install with only directx and videodriver - no luck.

I brought my old laptop, Alienware M11x with GeForce 335m, tried Cryostasis and it works fine.

I'm out of ideas. Can gpu be dead in a part that PhysX uses? Can i check it somehow?

Both m11x and g60vx run win7 x64.