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Hi there,

I've managed to get Windows 98 working with video/sound for DOS mode games (including screamer rally) on a Sony Vaio, the sub notebook with a Pentium 3 M (PCG-SRX51). (I've attached a photo in case you're interested in seeing it.)

This being of the Windows XP era, I am pleased that I've managed to get this working.

The only issue I have is that DOS stuff doesn't fill the screen. The manual mentions a keyboard shortcut which doesn't work in XP or in Windows 98/DOS, so I assume that shortcut is based around another piece of software adding (and this being a Sony Vaio, that isn't available anywhere).

Is anyone familiar enough with the hardware or drivers to know how to force full screen mode with this video hardware? It is usable as-is, but not filling the panel is a real shame. I don't know if there'd need to be tinkering with the actual hardware for the panel to force some scaling mode (it might be that this laptop just outright doesn't have hardware scaling, of course.)