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I have an old Gateway E-3400 that I am upgrading to be my Windows 98 gaming setup, but I'm afraid the stock PSU won't support all the peripherals I want.

It has an NLX motherboard

Link to motherboard specs: https://theretroweb.com/motherboards/s/gvc-mx842

The PC came stock with:
P3 1GHz (100MHz FSB)
3 PCI Slots
Supports 512MB RAM
AGP Slot

The PSU has 4 molex connectors, 1 floppy connector

I've attached a photo of the PSU specs. The stock PSU specs are:

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PSU Specs
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145W Maximum Output

+5V - 13A
-5V - 0.3A
+12V - 4.0A
-12V - 0.3A
+3.3 - 14A
+5VSB - 1.7A

Specs of the planned build:

Stock P3 1Ghz ( Uses 29W according to Intel ) ( https://ark.intel.com/content/www/us/en/ark/p … 33-mhz-fsb.html )
Elsa Victory 2 3dfx Voodoo Banshee AGP Card ( Uses 15W ) ( https://www.anandtech.com/show/227 )
512 MB PC133 SDRAM
56K PCI Modem
Adaptec 29160 SCSI PCI Card
Soundblaster Audigy 2 ZS PCI Card ( http://ixbtlabs.com/articles2/creative-audigy … s/indexOLD.html )
Nakamichi 5 Disc SCSI CD Rom Changer
Iomega 250MB Zip Disk Drive
LS120 Floppy Drive ( Panasonic LKM-F934-1 SuperDisk Drive ) ( https://www.ebay.com › itmPanasonic LKM-F934-1 SuperDisk Drive ... )
Gotek Floppy Emu
PATA/IDE 32GB SSD ( https://a.co/d/j2v4jJ4 )
CF Card W/ CF Card To IDE Adapter ( https://a.co/d/24iXH0h )
Seardrashop HDD Clicker ( https://www.serdashop.com/HDDClicker )

Using the stock PSU I need to split 2 of the molex connectors to plug everything in.

1 Molex would be split into 2 molex adapters to power the HDD Clicker, and the Zip Drive.

Another Molex would be split into 2 floppy power adapters, to power the CF Card Adapter & the Gotek Floppy Emulator.

I'm afraid this PSU won't be sufficient for the planned build. I have most of the parts, but I'm still have a few parts left to pick up.

Looking for some advice on if the stock PSU will be sufficient, or if I need to get a new PSU.

If I need a new PSU it's going to need to be a small form factor, or a PICO PSU, or something similar. Can anyone recommend something that would be a good fit for this planned build?

I've attached a photo of the style of case.

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Gateway Desktop Case
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I'm not sure how to choose a new PSU, they all seem to be missing some of the negative rails, and I'm not really sure how to choose a PSU that will be sufficient considering I need 5 molex power connectors and 3 floppy style power connectors.

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Hi! Given the PSU has only got 13A on +5V it is at least probable this setup will overload it.
Mainboards of this generation usually take +5V as their main supply voltage and generate all voltages from that. Some will use +3.3V from the PSU for powering RAM, for delivering +3.3V on AGP/PCI and for signalling voltages but +3.3V is also often generated from +5V on the motherboard.
+12V is typically only used for motors (drives and fans) on this generation of mainboard.

If we assume this board uses +5V for everything the motherboard itself probably requires around 2-3A, each stick of RAM is roughly another 1A, and the CPU with its TDP of 29W (peak power consumption is higher!) will add another 6-7A including VRM losses. This means worst case we're already close to the PSU limit without any other components.😐

PicoPSU won't do you a lot of good because it hasn't got a lot of +5V power either. Those focus on modern systems that rely mostly on +12V.

What measurements does the original PSU have? It does not look like it adheres to any standard but maybe an adaptor plate can be made?