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I have a Sound Blaster Pro 2 (CT1600) SOund Card and mitsumi crmc-lu005s CD reader.
I read the SB PRO2 sound card support Panasonic and Mitsumi CD drives https://dosdays.co.uk/topics/sb_sbpro.php
First i try with windows98se (Later it go to my 486 DOS machine)
The CD reader with own controller card work, the sb pro 2 work too.
But when i try to connect cd reader to SB PRO2, then the sound card not give a sound, and at device manager is a exclamation mark at sb pro2.

I have a Question too with SB PRO2:
The cd reader controller automatically install with sound card driver at windows?
When not, what must install?
At DOS what cd reader driver work with CT1600?

Thanks for any answers

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Classic 40 pin cable without a twist/tap (1:1) ?
80 "pin" ATA cables don't work, I believe.

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As far as I know the CT1600 only supports the CD-ROM drives with Panasonic interface (many of them have Creative branding), but not Mitsumi. You might be confusing Mitsumi with Matsushita, which is an alias for Panasonic as it was the original name of the company in Japan.

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Yeah, I think Creative used the MKE bus (Matsushita and Panasonic I think), and I don't recognize that Mitsumi drive as one of the few MKE drives. I know the Matsushita cr562 and 563 were two of them. This page: https://unitedandco.net/2021/07/24/mitsumi-lu … ce-card-how-to/ suggests that that Mitsumi drive used its own standard, so the pinout is probably wrong to start with.

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The original SB Pro 2 (CT1600) had a Panasonic/Matsushita/Creative interface for CR-523 and similar drives.

However... from Wikipedia:

The Sound Blaster Pro 2 was also sold with the following on-board CD-ROM controllers:

Sound Blaster Pro 2, SCSI, CT1610
Sound Blaster Pro 2, LMSI, CT1620
Sound Blaster Pro 2, Sony, CT1690
Sound Blaster Pro 2, Mitsumi, CT2600

So what you want is the CT2600, not the CT1600.

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