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my Microsoft cheap keyboard work perfectly under dos (win98se system start in dos mode from boot), but mouse do not work at all… strange, because they share the same USB receiver… the computer is a Single Board Computer, all in one full lenght card, chipset BX and cpu celeron socket 370. Can anyone help me? tnks

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Building on the above suggestion, your BIOS might have a USB legacy support feature that might need to be enabled, but there might also be options called something like "USB Mouse Support" and "USB Keyboard Support", which can be set to OS or BIOS. If set to OS, then it is the operating system's job to handle the USB peripherals. If set to BIOS, then the BIOS will present the USB keyboard or mouse as a PS2 device, which should work under DOS.
If this is not possible, then one of these drivers might work: http://bretjohnson.us/programs/usbdos.zip

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On a BX chipset, slim chances of 'usb mouse support', those boards tend to have only(at least the ones i had) usb keyboard support no matter the naming of the feature.