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Here it is... a bounty, of $250 USD paid via PayPal or Venmo to the first person that shows me:

- More then 328MB's of ram in their BeBox (Must be a dual 66MHz or 133MHz BeBox!)
- Must share photos of the memory and layout on the mobo.
- Must share BeBox board revision, ROM version, and BeOS version.
- Must share screenshot of "About BeOS" window showing 328+MB's of RAM.

If you can successfully show it working with theoretical maximum 1GB of RAM, I'll throw down another $50.


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Try asking on the Haiku forums or on reddit, you'll find more BeBox owners there than on vogons I believe.

For that money you may be able to buy 128M sticks and try yourself, no?
Assuming that screenshot is yours, could you share the layout of ram you used and the other relevant information?

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Thanks for the tip! I'll try asking in those forums as well. I've already tried many many different memory combinations including around 8 different types of 128MB simms.

Current highest memory count is from that screen shot I posted at 327 (320)MB's consisting of:
2x64's EDO 60ns
2x32's EDO 60ns
4x32's EDO 60ns

and before you ask... "well... did you try X combination"... yes I did... and hence the reason for this post and the bounty. I'm pretty certain a higher memory count is not possible.