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I have an i486 SX 33MHz SX797 CPU with no write-back, its 5 volts and I'm trying to test a GA-5486AL ver 2A motherboard with this CPU, the motherboard supports S-Series CPU's that my CPU is (SL enhanced) but in the manual it doesn't mention the SX in the CPU supported list it only says S-Series are supported and the DX2 so I'm wondering if I can use this SX in this motherboard

In the manual there isn't a setting for it and the closest to it is for the 5V Intel DX-33/DX2-66 S-CPU would using this one be ok for my 486 SX 33?

Manual here:
https://www.dosdays.co.uk/media/gigabyte/giga … l/ga-5486al.pdf

My CPU here:


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SX is a DX with FPU disabled, so like DX and DX2 it uses the 5V.

P) 5V INTEL DX-33 / DX2-66 S-CPU

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